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“ Budget and Quality Garage Door Service,  completed a detached garage. Communication was wonderful and project completed in a timely manner. Estimate was a good value compared to others and no hidden charges. Definitely recommend and will use for future projects. “


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Our Most Popular Garage Door Repairing Services

Commercial garage doors Nuevo, CA

Commercial Garage Doors

As a business owner, it is critical that you don’t overlook everything in your property. This includes protecting your garage to ensure maximum security on your company’s premises. To keep your garage operating smoothly, it is necessary that you hire a professional for assistance. We are based in Lake Elsinore, CA.

Garage door repair work Nuevo CA

Roller Garage Doors

To homes that have an attached garage, it is considered to be the main entry point. With that, you also need to secure your garage door. Most garage doors are roller ones because it is easy to open. However, if you suspect that the garage door won’t function, it could be a broken garage door spring. The only fix for that kind of issue is a replacement

Residential and commercial garage doors Nuevo CA

Automatic Garage Doors

 When your family expands, every home needs room additions. Family grows and the need of more space is required, you need extra space in your home to live conveniently, and the best time to increase home space is through room additions. They don’t only expand your living space but also make your life easy for you. It becomes more enhanced and Space for more productivity takes place.

Inspection garage door Nuevo CA

Garage Door Supply

We work with garage door suppliers who are honest and ready to work with you. They will help you to pick a suitable garage door for your home or business. You can choose from our variety of roller gates, rolling garage doors, as well as automatic garage doors, vinyl doors, and many others.

Replacement residential garage door Nuevo CA

Rolling Gate Repair

A roll-up door has its mechanism and system that should work perfectly together. When one part of the system malfunctions, there will be a complication to arise. You better find a good solution and figure out how you can handle this job properly. It is important to seek assistance from experts like Budget and Quality Garage Door Service in helping you to achieve your goals and do a rolling gate repair properly.

garage door services lake elsinore

Custom Garage Door

A garage is more than just a shelter for your car, it can have multiple purposes, too! You can use it as a place where you can tinker, paint, or clean your vehicle. You can also make it as a temporary storage room for your tools. It can also be a place where you can relax and enjoy privacy. With all these benefits you can reap, you’ll get more such as maximum security and convenience if you opt for an automatic garage door.

Automatic Garage Door Lake Elsinore

Garage Door Openers

Smart technology is embedded into garage door openers, making it simple to link your garage. You’ll be able to get activity notifications and open and shut your garage door on your smartphone using the Its app, as well as establish regular routines to close your garage door and switch the app’s lights on and off. Sync with well-known smart devices and platforms. You’ll always know what’s going on at home using its app, even when you’re not there. Allow access to a dog walker or a repairman. feel relieved that the kids arrived home. Never again will you wonder if the garage door was left open. That’s peace of mind right there in your hand.

Why Budget and Quality Garage Door Service


Budget and Quality Garage Door Service is laser-focused on your project. We believe a well-organized and managed schedule is helpful for our customers. Your project is our soul mission until its accomplished, and our team members will be committed to delivering the top-notch work that will make you recommend our company to your fellow friends.


Starting from initial design through project finishing, you can trust our members to keep you involved and updated. You will know what is happening at every given moment and will be notified about any changes to the project heads-up.


The small things are the ones with the biggest impact. You would think that this would be another project by us but in reality Budget and Quality Garage Door Service their best to reach your expectations and with overflowing dedication in work, everyone will be satisfied. you should choose the company that is aware of it and is ready to give their all and that company is Budget and Quality Garage Door Service


Our aim is to ensure that every project we get it s helping Homeowners to save money. We provide high grade materials with super cost effective price. We are here to make difference not to make money. 

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This was a fantastic company to deal with. From quote to installation they were fast efficient and affordable. They went above and beyond to suggest a different type of installation it made our garage door work even better! I am so thankful that of all the quotes we got we ended up choosing them. Hector was great at following up and went above and beyond to help us. I would recommend them to anyone.



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Garage Door Repair

Being in this field for years helped us to grow and become better in doing garage door repair. Our team in Lake Elsinore, CA will continue to maintain a good service that matches your needs today.

Automatic Garage Door

When it comes to automatic garage door installation, nothing beats the services that Budget and Quality Garage Door Service brings. Give us a call by dialing (951) 348-2901 today. We are based in Lake Elsinore, CA.

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Once we have made the final touches to your new living or working space, all that is left is for you to enjoy it with your family and friends.

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 Budget and Quality Garage Door Service is proud to offer custom garage door work ranging from small to large jobs. If you want a Garage door  project to get done in Northern Elsinore give us a call!

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